My season

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My season

Post by sugarray » June 3rd, 2013, 9:54 pm

Haven't been on much, but have been hunting hard. Our season opened up with youth day on 4/20. Had 3 come to 150 yds and that was it. Heard 5-6 though. Opening day I took a first time hunter and got one to 80 yds but another hunter spooked him off. Hunted hard rest of the season. Was able to get my son a nice one. 18 lbs, 1 1/16" pink spurs. This was the first Friday. It was cold and had one gobble on roost but never answered and not sure this was him. The next Tuesday I had roosted 2 and set up perfect. Flew right down to me and I missed at 610. Gun was shooting 24 clicks low on my Mueller. I just didn't get the job done lining it back in before this season. Hunted the full season hearing birds but not getting any to work. Had my buddy on one that gobbled at every thing. He just wouldn't budge. Didn't have time to wait him out as we had to get to work. Weather got cold and had good roost gobbling, but that was it. Just wasn't able to close the deal this year. Able to get my son one and that is what it is all about. Waiting on fall now!

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