Covid question?

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Re: Covid question?


alpha burnt wrote: May 12th, 2022, 11:15 pm In my opinion, the virus is real but has been politically weaponized and I question its origin. Also, it’s timing. Something to watch for, without another “outbreak” in late summer of 2022, you can’t shut the whole works down and require people to have a bunch of “mail in” ballots in the upcoming November election. Hope I’m just being cynical and I’m wrong but time will tell…
Yup the Election Infection

I agree the virus is real and it does kill people mainly obese, elderly and those with underlying conditions. Than you look at the death statistics of vaxed vs unvaxed really makes you think... That coupled with the ineffectiveness of the lockdowns that this turned into a big experiment once the virus took hold....
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Re: Covid question?

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The vaccinations have limited usefulness. We have been sold a pack of lies by our government and the drug companies so fear could be fostered, votes could be procured and money could be made. Any immunity offered by the vaccine fades exponentially over a surprising short time. Yes, natural immunity is best. On a conspiracy theory note, I personally think this virus was “manufactured “ and turned loose on us for a very specific reason….Don’t even get me started on what the vaccine may be doing to our bodies outside of COVID immunity (😂).
My view is not popular but it’s my view. I see the flu vaccine the same way. Look at the mortality rates of flu on sites other than cdc. The death rate fluctuates just as it did years ago and according to what strain is out there- if you are at risk, take it but it’s a roll of the dice whether it does u any good.
COVID vaccine is another animal all together… it may help, it may not and it probably has bad side effects regardless. I personally think it’s a big experiment to see what they can do and what they can force us to do. Better stay ‘woke…..
My opinion is the survival of the Wild Turkey in huntable numbers will come down to what true hunters are willing to do-and not do. No agency, conservationist and/or organization will get it done. What are YOU going to do about it?
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Re: Covid question?

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With each new circulating variant, there's potential for partial or complete evasion of existing immunity, either by vaccination, previous infection, or both. This has been evident with the Omicron variants. And as far as vaccinations go, the only breakthrough cases I've heard of from family and friends have been mild. The bad cases hit people before the vaccines were available, OR afterwards to a few who have refused to be vaccinated. Although that's purely anecdotal evidence, I don't know anybody, including myself, who regrets getting vaccinated.

Now playing in my conspiracy ear: China knows something about this virus that they ain't sharing. There's a reason the citizens are getting totally locked down.
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