vortex venom

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vortex venom

Post by Griff »

I hope I'm putting this in the right place.
Is there a place of business that has better prices for the vortex venom or is it EGW all the way? $249 There.
Just checking.
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Re: vortex venom

Post by Hootie2 »

Got one at palmetto state armory for 149 code venom
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Re: vortex venom

Post by Hoobilly »

You don’t want a vortex. Way to many problems

Burris red dots are the best red dot you can get

GN20 for 20% off any Burris Optic

Gobbler for 10% any EGW mount
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Re: vortex venom

Post by AdamBarton »

Bushnell TRS-25 on sale right now on Amazon for under $50. I run it on a 20 gauge and out right up there with my venom and my holosun. Have never used a burris like hoobilly recommended but I have heard good things about them.
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