Youth weekend run down

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Youth weekend run down

Post by dirt road ninja » March 11th, 2013, 10:40 am

Well youth weekend was slow. We started out running a few minutes late to the blind Saturday morning and there were 3 birds hammering away right over the blind. I decide to leave them alone and go hunt else where instead of bumping them while walking in. I went to another spot and we sat for a couple hours with seeing nothing but a few deer. Around 10 o'clock we climbed out of the blind and statred walking out and as we got about 400 yards from it a gobbler belted out a good gobble, so we headed to him and set up against a tree in a hardwood bottom right next to our planted pines. We weren't there for 5 minutes and a realized my son is not ready for hunting outside a tent or box. He was moving around way to much, so we slipped on out with the bird none the wiser.
Saturday afternoon we headed to the spot that I wanted to hunt that morning. We slipped in and set out 2 hens and a Jake deke and waited. This spot is a big time roosting area on my place and always has a few birds moving around. The wind was blowing and it was overcast, but I was still fairly confident we would get some action. Right before dark I see 2 hens to the west and they were towing a nice gobbler with them. I purred a few times - nothing, I yelped and clucked - nothing, I cutt loud - nothing, I gobbled and he stopped and looked our way, but didn't see the dekes, I gobbled again and he turned, but quickly lost intrest and went back to following his hens. All my calling stirred up 2 more toms and a pile of hens further to the west just out of sight. At dark birds were flying up every where, but we left without ever taking the safety of the gun.
Sunday morning I went to my favorite area and we bumped 4 birds off the roost and spooked 2 more walking to another blind. We didn't hear the first gobble Sunday. My son called the hunt at 11:15 that morning. All in all we had a good time and briefly got to tangle with a good bird. Rusty was shaking like a leaf as he had the gun pointed at the bird Saturday at 70 yards and said "dad, if I had my rifle I'd could smoke him" he now understands why I dislike female birds.

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Re: Youth weekend run down

Post by gophert » March 15th, 2013, 9:16 am

Thanks for the story! Leah and I will hit the woods next weekend for TN's juvenile. We have never had any luck on Juvenile weekend. Hopefully our luck will change!

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Re: Youth weekend run down

Post by Hambone79 » March 15th, 2013, 9:20 am

Good luck in TN. The kids make it so fun.

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