Knight n hale run n gun series vests

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Knight n hale run n gun series vests

Post by SCSWAMP » January 1st, 2020, 7:53 pm

I just purchased both vest from the run n gun series from knight n hale. I couldnt decide between the 2 so I figured to get both and whichever one I dont like I will send back or sell. And just wanted to give a break down from what I noticed between the 2.

The RNG 200 is the perfect vest for a minimalist like myself. Just the right amount of pockets on the front to carry the essentials that you will need access to quickly. 2 pot call pouches, 4 striker loops, 1 box call pouch on the left side. Magnetic mouth call pouch that will hold 3 calls, a large pouch that fits gloves and headnet with shell loops inside and 2 more decent sized storage pockets for kind of a catch all. The 200 cubic inch bladder acceptable back pack is perfect for those extras that you dont use but once in a blue moon. I am a average sized guy at around 5'9" and 160#s and I found this vest to fit better that the 300 did.

The RNG 300 I would still consider a minimalist vest but definitely alot more pockets that you have an urge to fill. Also the material comes up higher on the sides of the chest and I noticed that it wasnt stiff enough to stand up and wanted to fold over kind of blocking access to the box call and slate call pouches. Not a huge deal but between that, not being able to get as "athletic" of a fit, and just more pockets than necessary, I had to go with the 200.

I hope this finds some people well because there isn't a lot of reviews on these vests and although i haven't ran it in the woods, I believe that it is the best vest I have found. I've got experience with ol tom, cabelas super tater, NWTF that is similar to the new nomad.

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Re: Knight n hale run n gun series vests

Post by paboxcall » January 1st, 2020, 10:18 pm

Picked up a 300 last fall, and liked it immediately over my Nomad. Haven't hunted it yet, just appreciate the layout / design. I hunted the Nomad last spring, it just didn't suit my style, felt like I had to make it work for me instead of the other way around.
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Re: Knight n hale run n gun series vests

Post by gatrkyhntr » June 26th, 2020, 1:41 am

Does the 200 have back padding,can it be worn as a loose fit vs athletic tight fit?

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