Daddy's little Girl !

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Daddy's little Girl !

Post by spider316 »

So it's been a weird year here in MA and NY. They're either gobbling or not, and been real busy at work so sunrise time has been limited. We'll I decided it was time for a Daddy/Daughter trip after her Brother got the best of her on a possible double a few weeks ago. I surprised her off the bus with missing school today and turkey hunting for a few days. So I'm a devote believer in "I'd rather be an hour early than a moment late" mentality. So we're setup and she's nodding off appx an hour before legal light, well at appx 4:55 a bird hammers off in the distance and she does a big stretch and proceeded to announce "I heard that" ! Well I just smiled in the darkness and thought about how blessed I am ! So the woods started waking up and a few other turkeys are gobbling closer and I hear a hen getting mouthy and fly down. Then other birds are flying down and everything goes quiet, nothing not chirp ! It's already 65°, overcast and humid and dead still. I had been tree calling and birds were responding, so I just went from hero to zero in a matter of minutes. Well I completely lost my mind and pulled out an old H.S. Strut gobble call and let it rip, don't know why, but I did. Well 1 bird hammers off and loses his mind and proceeds to walk, strut, gobble and grab a quick bug all the way to his death when she got the OK at 30 yds with the .410 screaming FoxTrot ammo 383s. I couldn't believe it, Pixie dust and Ferries, that Gobbler never twitched, not a movement. I still can't believe what TSS does out of a .410, thank you WhoBilly and FoxTrot ammo !
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by guesswho »

Good job, and congrats to the young lady, well played.

And those 383’s are no joke.
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by HunterGKS »

Congrats 3.jpg
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by Jstocks »

Awesome story.
Hats off to you for allowing her to skip a day with Ol Dad and do some hunting!
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by Hognutz »

Outstanding!! She has a grip on the turkey shooting thing. Congrats to her and to you for making it happen. She will never forget the moment or the hunt.
Well done, Wayner and daughter, well done!!
May I assume you're not here to inquire about the alcohol or the tobacco?
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by Arky hunter »

Congrats to both of you.

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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by jsh909 »

Awesome! Congratulations to you both, what a day. You have my vote in the sweepstakes thread.

My daughter has yet to trigger one, but she called one in on a slate last year. It was the best experience of my hunting career thus far. I was so caught up in the moment that I never even thought about picking up the gun.
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by FLGobstopper »

Great hunt, congrats to you and your girl!
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by Hoobilly »

I love it!

She’s gonna need more of them daddy daughter skip school days!
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by OLE RASPY »

Awesome congrats to her.
(all in this order)
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by Samm4770 »

Awesome job!
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by BobT »

Fantastic! Congrats to you both and thanks for taking her.
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Re: Daddy's little Girl !

Post by jhogue »

That’s great in so many ways. Congratulations!

I can’t get my girls to catch the turkey bug, so working on my boy. Any day in the woods with your kids is good. Even better when they score.

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