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Re: Binos for turkeys

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My favorite turkey spots have long fields of 300 to 500 yards so I use a small light pair of compact Cabelas Intensity 12 x 25. Good glass for the money. I want to identify the bird clearly before I make a move. I use them for deer hunting and also...
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Re: Binos for turkeys

Post by CamoMan4025 »

Here's a bino harness I carry my binos in when hunting. I love it! They hang in the right spot and it takes minimum movement to access them. I also have a rangefinder pouch that hooks to this harness. Very well made stuff!

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Re: Binos for turkeys

Post by Samm4770 »

I run leupold 10x42 they work great in the New York hills
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Re: Binos for turkeys

Post by Chief Razor »

I have some Vortex 8.5x50’s that I carry in a Marsupial pouch. They are a bit on the large side for turkey hunting but I hunt some fairly hilly terrain and like to spend the late mornings glassing the creek bottoms. Seems to work out well for me.
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Re: Binos for turkeys

Post by jryser »

I may have already commented but I did the buy once cry once and got Swarovski 10x42 for both deer n turkeys and love the kuiu pro bino pouch. Lots easier for me personally and certainly increased success for finding turkeys in shadows of public land I hunt.
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