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Rules etc

Post by hoobilly » March 4th, 2020, 9:23 am

Rules in a nutshell

Must be a member on GN.

you must check in and try to post everyday that you have a travel call.

You must give all call makers you name, address and contact info.

You must share pictures here in this forum.

f your also on Facebook, you must post about your Travel calls hunts on Gobblernation Facebook and please share with the call makers and post on other turkey forums etc.

Trying to keep it simple with about 5 or so members for each call maker, If there is time and everything runs smoothly then maybe more can join in. I will let the call makers work this out.

If your timing on seasons and where you hunt you might not be able to use all three calls at different time. Please don't be a baby and get upset.

Once the season is over, the call makers will receive their calls back, and for those of you who got to hunt and sign the calls, the maker will have a drawing to give it away. You cannot win more than one call. You cannot win a call that you didn't get to hunt with this season.

I am sure I will need to add more info here so please check back often.
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