Comments on the How to Process a Deer string

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Re: Comments on the How to Process a Deer string

Post by timbrhuntr » October 7th, 2018, 10:14 am

Prospector wrote:
October 7th, 2018, 7:09 am
One possible solution to the hair-on-meat pblm. If you have access to water, wet the deer well after you hang and before you skin. Then if some gets on the meat it will easily wash off as opposed to if it gets on there dry. Old squirrel hunter from VA taught me that. Dry hair sticks like glue to the venison; soaked it comes off so much easier👌🏻. Then let it hang til it’s dry again and your trophy is ready to process. Congratulations!

Usually the only access to water we had was the lake and we were told not to wash the meat as it could lead to bacteria growing on it from the water .

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Re: Comments on the How to Process a Deer string

Post by paboxcall » October 7th, 2018, 2:52 pm

Have 5-gallon bucket water ready. Hang, wet the deer, and remove the hide as noted above, saw in half lengthwise, and take the loins out. De-bone everything else. Take the fresh de-boned meat to a processor for jerky, bologna, or sausage (anything needing dried or smoked, just don't hunt enough to make purchasing equipment worthwhile). Slice the loins, pack, and freeze. With a buddy or two, finished in an hour.
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Re: Comments on the How to Process a Deer string

Post by appalachianassassin » October 8th, 2018, 12:09 am

usually slice loins in 2in thick cuts for grilling and either grind the hams into burger (I mix in 1 pork butt per ham) or cube em up and can them (15 lbs for 90 mins) neck meat too if a large buck. tenderloins get cooked immediately. shoulders are almost never salvageable. I use a gamesaver titanium vacuum sealer and a 1hp cabelas carnivore grinder.
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