Team Hoot N Shoot Hunt Stories

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Team Hoot N Shoot Hunt Stories

Post by tubecaller10 » April 10th, 2015, 11:27 am

Would like to hear my teammates stories on how your hunts are going and kill stories!! I have had a blessed year so far and have had 3 kills and watched 2 others die from a friend and my brother.

The first turkey i crunk him up around 9:30 in the morning and he died to me spitting and drumming at him when he got close. Shot at 35-40 yards 20 gauge TSS 9s.

The turkey my friend killed we found on a power line and my friend reaped him with a home made full body turkey decoy built on a camera tripod for easy movement and crawling. Friend shot him with 12 gauge 3 1/2 2 3/4 oz TSS 7s at about 20 steps. :mrgreen:

The second turkey I killed I knew the approximate location as I had hunted him the weekend before with my brother and couldn't close the deal. I made a big loop and approached him from the opposite side than I did the weekend before and boy did it ever work. I called from fresh scratching and he cut me off. There was a ditch between me and him so i slipped up to the edge of the ditch and sat down. Clucked and yelped again and he had closed the distance. I just shut up and scratched around a little bit. I faintly heard drumming and it continued to increase in volume. He popped out of some cane on the side of the ditch and walked down the edge of the ditch at about 30 yards looking for me. He found a hot dose of 20 gauge TSS 8s to the face.

The third turkey I killed was a bean field turkey that was one of the only times Ive ever killed a turkey when his feet hit the ground. Hunted him the day before and did not set up in the correct location at daylight. I watched him, another longboard, a jake, and 15 hens pitch into the bean field about 300 yards away and feed away from me. I had to go to class so i went back the next morning. I got in there super early and set up right under the birds. It rained hard that night and a ditch was right behind me that separated the bean field from a railroad track. The turkeys were roosted on the ditch and the ditch was roaring with fresh rain water. I couldn't hear much at all but i thought i heard drumming. He blows my eardrums out with a gobble!! He was roosted literally 40 yards directly behind me. He gobbled 35-40 times. His hens pitched out into the field first at about 60 yards. Then his lookout and his jake pitched out at 30 yards sailing over my head. He gobbled one last time and soared right over my head like a goose and pitched about 25 yards. TSS 8s 20 gauge once again did the job.

The turkey my brother killed we slept in and slipped down to the farm around 8:00 am. We got to the place where I had heard some turkeys and I let him do the calling and I just sat back and enjoyed the show. I got him a David Halloran Crystal Mistress for his birthday and he can run it way better than i ever could. Turkey finally answered him a long, long way off. We both looked at each other trying to figure out exactly where he was. He called again and he had closed the distance big time. We got set up and about the time we sat down he gobbled on his own close. Few purrs and clucks from my brother and the bird was dead to the roar of a 12 gauge full of TSS 8s. That was his first turkey he had ever called up and killed without me putting in any input. I was so proud of him and he is becoming a good turkey hunter.

Hope y'all are having great seasons and want to hear your stories as well!!

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Re: Team Hoot N Shoot Hunt Stories

Post by Shooter » May 16th, 2015, 10:48 pm

There ain't enough room on this page to tell the stories I've had this year!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I think me and Red are done for the year. Hit my TN limit this morn.
Anyone else still huntin???
Won't be doing any out of state for me this year, maybe next year.
Anyone hear from Drew???

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