2017 Football Pick'em Contest Rules

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2017 Football Pick'em Contest Rules

Post by Jhoutz1982 » August 22nd, 2016, 10:30 pm

Alright ladies and gentlemen football time is finally here.... well almost. Here are the rules and explanations for this seasons contest.

1. I will pick 10 games each week (5 college and 5 NFL) for the main portion of the contest as well as two Wildcard games (1 college and 1 NFL) for bonus points. The first week of the contest will consist of all college games because the NFL season does not begin until September 8th. After the first week I will do my best to pick only college games played on Saturdays and NFL games played on Sundays. The only exceptions will be if there is a huge match up on a Thursday or Friday and I will note when this happens while listing the weeks picks.

2. All picks must be submitted before the kick-off of the first game of the week. (usually Noon Eastern, 11:00 am Central)

3. You will be able to edit your picks up until the kick-off of the first game of the week.

4. All games will be picked straight up, no lines or point spreads will be involved so pick who you think will be the winner of each game.

5. The 10 main games will be worth 1 point each. The wildcard games will be a little different again this year... sorry.
There will be 2 wildcard games each week and they will have 2 parts to them. Pick the team you think will win the game and if you are correct you will get 1 point. Also I want you to pick how many points both teams will score in the game combined (total points) and if you are right you will get another point.

6. Spread the word.... let's get the participation numbers up this year. Good luck to everybody who plays and let's have some fun with this contest. My name is Justin and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to ask them on this thread or send me a PM anytime.

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