Day 12 of the 2018 Ohio Squirrel Season

Coyote Killing to Waterfowl and Upland Hunting with Woodland Game Mixed In
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Day 12 of the 2018 Ohio Squirrel Season

Post by HunterGKS » September 12th, 2018, 6:48 pm

It was very cloudy this morning so I didn’t get back to the woods until 07:45 with a temp of 61 & calm. It was still pretty dark. At 07:53, a fox started to scold to my left. It took a minute or 2 but I finally spotted The Tell Tale Tail (my apologies to EAP). I watched it move around but, for the most part, its tail was all I could see. The last sighting was at 08:05.

At 08:22, I saw 3+ deer moving through the woods on the south edge. I think they were all does but wouldn’t want to bet on it. At 0838, a buck showed up & it looked like he was trailing the others. It appeared that he had decent headgear. At the same time, another fox started to bark behind me on my left side.. I say branches bouncing & finally spotted a tail. I decided to try to move on it & did get fairly close but still nothing more than a tail. Another started to scold but, ue to a couple of trains sounding off, I couldn’t locate it.

At 09:45, I headed to the pond & almost immediately say a fox tail. I watched it move off without a shot but it showed a lot of tail. A few minutes later, I saw what I though was a huge squirrel coming down a tree on the far side of the pond. I got the crosshairs settle on the 1st opening below the squirrel, and then……………AND THEN………….. a dang coon came down!!!! It was the 1st coon I have seen this fall & it was lucky the season isn’t in.

I headed back to my spot at 1025. At 10:34, 2 spotless fawns came in to about 30 yards. They new something wasn’t quite right but weren’t sure what. They moved to about 20 yards then blew, high flagged it & ran back the way they came for about 60 yards before stopping & looking back. They came back to about 30 yards & started moving cross in front of me. They had been doing the usual head bobbing & staring. Finally, they flagged & took off to the south edge. I could still see them moving around.

At 10:47, I noticed a fox moving through the woods in front of me left-to-right. It then turned & came straight towards me. I lost sight of it in the weeds before he stopped at the base of a tree & sat up. There was a loud bark & she lay back down.

I decided to head in at 11:30 as I had lawn to mow & squirrel chowda to cook. It was 68, still cloudy, & a little breezy. I noticed that, with 1 exception, all the bushies I say flipped me the tail. I wonder if that’s the same as a human flipping someone the bird? Can you imagine a squirrel flipping the bird>>

An aside. Does anyone remember the Tony Orlando & Dawn song: Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose? I heard it on the radio yesterday as I was driving home. From the time I got up at 06:30 this morning until I got back to the house & talked with the barn guys that damn song was playing in my head!!!! Of all the songs to be playing in a loop why did it have to be that one!!!!

And, the lawn has been mowed & the chowda in the crock pot.


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