Days 45 & 46 of the 2017 Ohio Squirrel Season

Coyote Killing to Waterfowl and Upland Hunting with Woodland Game Mixed In
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Days 45 & 46 of the 2017 Ohio Squirrel Season

Post by HunterGKS » October 16th, 2017, 7:28 pm

Brad’s Mom’s Woods 10/15/2017 A.M.

I got into the woods at 08:21, temp of 70, overcast & very windy. I was sitting about 5’ from a beech nut & it felt like it was raining as the nuts just poured down. At 10:50, I walked to the north edge & down to the east section. I headed south through the woods & found a rub line. I saw 6 trees that had been hit & I’m sure there were more. I got back to my spot at 11:30. The wind was really gusty & getting stronger. Limbs & branches started snapping & falling. At 12:30, after a limb hit the ground fairly close, I called it a day with the temp at 79.

Brad’s Mom’s Woods 10/16/2017 P.M.

It was 42 & windy this morning so I decided to stay in hoping it would warm up. At 1050, it was 54, sunny, & calm. Just a few minutes after sitting down, 1 started barking behind me. I haven’t had much luck stalking so I thought I’d wait it out hoping it would show itself. It barked off & on for about 3 hours.

At 10:51, a buck snuck in behind me at about 30 yards, blew, & about scared the bejeebers out of me. I couldn’t tell how many points but he was big bodied.

At 11:41, I spotted a fox about 60 yards from me. It moved around a little before jumping on the side of a tree. It went back down & moved to a larger tree & went up into the leaves where I lost sight of it. I finally saw it come down & head towards the brush pile. I could see it moving behind some brush & weeds before it finally jumped on a downed tree top, moving to my left before stopping, facing me & biding a fond fare-thee well-to the woods. A nice female.

At 12:36, I walked through the woods to the north side & then along the north edge of the west section. The wind had picked up & I needed to move a bit to warm up. I was sitting at my spot at 01:00 & spotted a fox in the same area as the 1st at 01:25. It moved around in the underbrush & disappeared. At 02:02, another 1 showed up at about 20 yards to my left. Again, it wandered around in the underbrush & left along the south edge of the woods.

At 02:13, #2 showed back up &wandered around for few minutes before heading into another brush pile.

It had become clouding the a little breezier making it a little chilly. I had some odds & ends that needed down so I headed in at 03:30with a temp of 57 & mostly overcast.






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