Any Colorado Turkey Hunters Here? Need advice please!

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Any Colorado Turkey Hunters Here? Need advice please!

Post by Magdump » October 5th, 2018, 4:57 am

I am going to fly out and visit a friend in Norwood, CO next spring to turkey hunt. This is in the SW corner of CO. Going to take him out and try to get him hooked just like I am.

Because of work and other hunts I am on, I can basically only hunt either the first week or the last week of the season. Not sure which I should go for. Any advice which I should pick?

He does not know anything about turkeys and I wont have any time to scout, will have to hit the ground running when I get there. Any advice deeply appreciated! I have only been hunting turkeys a couple years but am learning fast. Thanks guys!!!

Chris T.

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Re: Any Colorado Turkey Hunters Here? Need advice please!

Post by GobbleNut » October 5th, 2018, 8:07 am

I have only hunted CO once myself (last spring),...and that was in the southwest corner near Pagosa Springs,...and near the end of the season. What we found there is that all of that country looks like great turkey habitat, but a lot of it seems to have very few turkeys in it. My advice is to 1) do as much research as you can beforehand in terms of trying to find out specifically where to start looking, 2) plan on covering lots of country to find birds (unless someone points you towards a honey hole), and 3) use a good locator call at first and last light to locate gobblers.

One thing I can assure you,...going in "blind" and thinking you can just choose a location and start hunting and find birds there is a crapshoot. Your buddy should know people that know where there are turkeys in the area. Tell him to do his homework beforehand. As good as all that country looks, we found it can be many miles between turkeys there.

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Re: Any Colorado Turkey Hunters Here? Need advice please!

Post by toasty » October 5th, 2018, 12:19 pm

The turkeys are more actively breeding and gobbling at the first of the hunt, however, the roads are typically less accessible at the first of the season. These birds follow the snow line up the mountains in the spring and it can be tough to get to them early in the year. Because of that, I would opt for the last weekend of the hunt because you are going to need to roads to locate turkeys. I wouldn't get out and hunt until I actually saw a turkey or saw fresh sign. Birds will typically be in the 7500' level and above in elevation if you're hunting Merriams.

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